Our Guest Book & Comments

Some comments from our guests as written in 4 Volumes of Visitors Books!  Read for yourself when you visit us!

Comments from our recent Rower Fort guests



"We came to Rower Fort for a surprise 80th.  Our party ranged from 82 to 6 years old.  Everyone had fun! The swimming pool and the hot tub were the highlighs and we saw the beautiful night sky full of stars whilst relaxing in the hot tub.  We even saw some shooting stars.  We loved our stay at Rower Fort!"  Griffiths Family, 8-13 April 2016

"What and amazing place - had a fantastic time and cant wait to come back.  Thank you so much for lengin it to us for a fabuous weekend of swimming, hot tubbing, walking, dancing and party games.  Great place, lovely views and very comfortable.  An escape fromt he humdrum reality and a perfect opportunity to be ourselves ad be revived.  Thank you"  Chesterfield ladies 15-18th April 2016

"What a way to celbrate a 60th birthday with family and friends.  Had a fab time - spa/ hot tub amazing, pool so calming.  Thanks for a wonderful time".  Caroline, Jim and family 22-25th April 2016



'Unbelievable! A fairy tale house in a fairy tale location.  It gave me a great sense of peace being here.  Possibly the best placed Jacuzzi on Planet Earth.'

'We’ve had a great time and don’t really want to go home!! From the rooftop hot tub, to the Aga, from the huge table, to the Sherman Tank, from the wacky telephone box shower, to the fabulous décor and fireplaces – we loved it all.'

'Had a fantastic time, loads to see.  Great place to stay, had lots of fun playing hide ‘n’ seek in the house.  Wonderful garden, kids played for hours.  Loved the Jacuzzi.  Lovely family holiday.'

'Memorable long weekend – has Dali been here? Extraordinary beautiful house.'

'An excellent venue for a celebration.  A great Folly.  I have never stayed in a property that is so well equipped.  We did not need for anything.'

'AWESOME WEEKEND! in what is basically an AWESOME CASTLE!!  Perfect set up for my birthday party…the hot tub is really fun, two staircases makes hide and seek easy.  The table is big enough for huge group meals and the tower meant that we could make as much noise as we liked at one end whilst younger children slept soundly!'

'Every room has at least one funky feature which MASSIVELY reduced the aggressiveness of room selection!'

'An excellent weekend had by all and we definitely want to come back.  Who can say they’ve had a ride on the only working Sherman Firefly in the country?  Oh, and it’s a great place to play sardines!  Thanks for a brilliant week.'

'Words cannot describe how perfect Rower Fort has been, not only for our wedding, but post wedding holiday.  The views are incredible (even the locals could not believe this secret gem existed in Devon)  Thank you for making our wedding and holiday unforgettable.'

'The best wedding and venue we have ever been to.  Lots for all the family to do and see.  Would like to come back every year.  Out of this world.'

'We all came to Rower Fort and enjoyed it in the sun
An enormous piece of beef was brought – yes only just the one
We cooked and ate and drank and ate and cooked again some more
And did the top rib feed us well, meals one, two, three and four!
And it was like what Kubla Khan did declare in Xanadu
A pleasure dome of stately heights, a towering fortress too!
With beds aloft on wooden plinths and cast iron baths galore –
Not just beds, but loos and baths – how could we ask for more?
We loved the kitchen big and warm especially the Aga
It really wasn’t hard to use, though some made it a saga.
And so we come up to the end – to hot tub it’s goodbye'